In the fourth instalment of its "Forward Thinkers" series, Jaguar MENA ties up with award winning architect and curator Bernard Khoury from Lebanon to hone in on structural design practices.

A strong believer in innovative problem-solving, Bernard Khoury talks about the creative solutions architects come up with when faced with thought-provoking challenges. He explains that pushing the boundaries to come up with imaginative answers becomes a natural step in any artist's process, unlocking unique and innovative ideas.

Bringing attention to the level of artistry and detail invested in architectural designs, Bernard says: "What is often overlooked in the design process is what is not visible, and sometimes what is not visible could be what is the most interesting."

Much like the Jaguar brand which continues to offer beautifully crafted engineering and striking design, Khoury is passionate about keeping artisanship alive. Celebrating the heritage of craftsmanship, this famous architect works to preserve and reintroduce traditional design techniques and processes through his body of work. Jaguar's "Forward Thinkers" series was launched this year as part of the brand's "The Art of Performance" platform to celebrate the company's expanding line up of vehicles across the region while challenging the conventional perceptions of innovation and performance through creative content.

Collaborating with "Forward Thinkers" from the UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, and KSA, the project shares stories of different individuals, their accomplishments and dedication in each of their respective fields.